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all things canine,
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Lez Graham, MA

About Lez Graham, MA

Lez Graham's professional journey with dogs began in the early 90's, and after many years of professional tutelage, culminated in the establishment of Trained For Life in January 2007 when she returned to the UK from New Zealand.

Lez Graham, MA

Recognised as a distinguished speaker, trainer, award-winning author and dog behaviour specialist, Lez holds a Master’s Degree (professional practice) in Canine Behaviour & Psychology.

She stands as a distinguished Fellow of the Canine and Feline Behaviour Association, having received a prestigious invitation as the first lady Fellow and in recognition of her contribution to the Canine Profession, and proudly holds the title of Master Professional Dog Training Instructor with the Guild of Dog Trainers.

An executive and specialist dog handler with the Dog Safety Education Executive (DogSEE), which Lez co-founded in 2011, she has been instrumental in training high-achieving dog trainers and canine behaviourists since 2009.

Her primary success lies as a successful Canine Behaviour Practitioner in addition to her pioneering work in the Gundog community. A true pioneer in her field, Lez made history as the first lady Gundog trainer to contribute to a national shooting magazine, yet again showcasing her unwavering commitment to breaking barriers.

With over 25 years of experience working with dogs of all breeds, Lez has an affinity with the black German Shepherd, the Dutch Herder, and the long haired Chihuahua as well as the Gundog breeds that share her home.

Since her return to the UK in 2007, she has specialised in addressing aggressive behaviour, working with owners to help them transform their dogs into well mannered and safe members of society.

Beyond her hands-on work, Lez is a prolific author, always engrossed in a new book or two! She gracefully divides her time between her passions of writing, tutoring and training dogs as well as continuing her canine research studies.

Nestled in beautiful Lanarkshire, Lez shares her home with her husband and her gorgeous Gundogs.

Latest Blogs

Dante and Emrys on their place board waiting to be washed after a walk

Operant Conditioning

first published 1 March 2024

There are so many posts on operant conditioning but the one’s that I’ve seen the most of are looking at it from a human perspective rather than from the dogs which, in my mind, can really muddy the waters and lead to confusion and it always seems to document using food, harsh handling and various bits of equipment, however this isn’t always the case. more...

a dog baring its teeth

Should I Stay Or Should I Go

first published 14 February 2024

I was reading a post in a Facebook group yesterday where a woman shared that she was going to euthanise her dog as it was being aggressive. It had bitten her and her husband a few times, both needing hospital treatment, and she had a five month baby in the house. She’d contacted rescue centres but, more...

Latest Podcasts

Season 4, Episode 1 - Happy Easter, if that's a thing?!

aired 29 March 2024

Lez and Ross are a bit worse for wear after their trip to Crufts and a stressful couple of weeks. A post Crufts catch-up. Ross explains the recent problems with his young Rottweiler, Okhaan and the large cost of treatment and the problems with Pet Insurance and whether to insure of not. Lez is late to the party discovering the Hovawart and both are struggling to find their ‘happy place’ whilst stuffing beef windpipes! A chat about chews and mental activity. Usual drivel about food, Easter eggs, some weird marzipan simnel cake and what we can do with our dogs over Easter 🐣 and what we need to be careful of regarding toxins… oh and get involved with the Lez Graham egg challenge(or not?!) No Chicks 🐣 🐥 were harmed during the making of this podcast.

Runtime: 55 min

Season 3, Episode 14 - Strange Clients and Sad Cases

aired 1 March 2024

Born in a barn? More confused introductions. Is it Emma, Emma and Emma, or is it Kathryn?! Getting old is a privilege denied to many…Lez celebrates her ageing and Ross can’t cope with it! A few mentions of ‘The Well Mannered Dog’ Lez’s new book is woven in between the trials and tribulations of ageing. When they finally start talking dog, they quickly debunk fur-babies and pet parents whilst discussing their early experiences with dogs. A conversation about resource guarding, the problems with social media, breeders and money motivations, strange clients and sad cases.

Runtime: 54 min