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The Pet Gundog

Using proven methods that have helped owners train their pet gundogs since 2009, The Pet Gundog training system is focussed on helping you to build a relationship with your dog that is based on trust and common sense, enabling you to walk out with a dog that you can be proud to take anywhere, as well as behaviour changing techniques that help you develop a well-mannered and relaxed dog at home.

The Pet Gundog Club

The Pet Gundog Club has been set up to help you train your pet gundog, give you guidance and help when the going gets a bit tough, and be there to cheer you on when it's all going rather well... Founded by Lez Graham, MA, author of The Pet Gundog series, you know The Pet Gundog Club is going to be fun, educational, and motivational for you and your dog.

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll

The Lez Graham Retrieving Roll is a wonderful way to introduce canvas at a young age. As the puppy matures and goes onto larger and more unusual dummies, the Retrieving Roll can act as a transitional aid to give your dog confidence as he moves into more ‘grown up’ training by simply wrapping the Retrieving Roll around the new or ‘scary’ item.

Trained for Life

Trained for Life was established by Canine Behaviourist and award-winning trainer, Lez Graham, MA in 2007. Originally set up as Lez’s behaviour consultation practice, when Lez retired from running classes, she invited a select group of trainers to run her well-established dog training courses allowing her to concentrate on training canine professionals, writing and behaviour work.

The Professional Canine Academy

We are passionate about providing professional courses that deliver high quality teaching using positive and motivational training styles.
“Raising the bar in professional canine training”

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